Cheap Junk Removal

Get Cheap Junk Removal without Sacrificing Quality of Service

Perhaps you’ve been quoted too much by another rubbish removal company, or maybe you are merely looking to keep moving or renovation costs down with cheap junk removal. If you need a trash removal company that won’t cut corners or sacrifice the quality of service to save money, look no further than Dump Your Junk. We use all our knowledge and industry experience to provide better services to our customers at lower prices.

Problems Dump Your Junk Addresses

When you choose Dump Your Junk, we will seek to solve many of the problems or pain points you might experience working with other junk removal services. Common issues that we address include:

  • Excessive or unpredictable pricing. Perhaps you’re moving to a new house or relocating your business to a new office. Maybe a loved one recently passed away, and you need to clean out their house to prepare it for sale. Perhaps you are in the midst of a renovation and need a solution for clearing away construction waste. A cheap junk pick-up service will help you keep costs down. If you’ve received a quote you think is too high or worked with a rubbish removal company that quoted you one price and then hit you with a bunch of hidden fees and extra charges at the end of the service, you’ll love working with us. We keep our prices affordable and include everything, such as fees and gratuity in our quotes.
  • Incomplete work. Some junk removal companies focus on the big items — such as furniture or larger pieces of construction debris — and leave you to handle the smaller stuff. We take care of everything and even clean up after, to make sure you are getting a complete service.
  • Cancellations or emergency pick-ups. If you’ve hired a trash removal company only to have them cancel on you at the last minute, or if you need the junk picked up and hauled away today, we can help. We are unique in that we provide same-day services, which means we can be there in a matter of hours to assist with your cleanout project.

Tips for Getting More Value out of Our Cheap Junk Removal

One of the best things about choosing Dump Your Junk as your cheap junk removal service is that we take care of almost everything. In most cases, our customers don’t even need to lift a finger. To make sure you are getting the most value from our service, though, consider taking these:

  • Make sure we can haul away your junk. From old furniture to dead appliances, we can usually take care of whatever waste you may have in your home or business. Take a look at our list of items we remove or call us to ask and learn more.
  • Call for a quote. If you’ve contacted another junk removal company and think they are trying to charge you too much, give us a call. We can provide a free quote in no time—and hopefully help you save some money.
  • Consider charitable donations. In many cases, the items you want to get rid of might still be usable for other people. We’re happy to donate your unwanted goods if you so desire; let us know which items we should drop off.


Dump Your Junk has more than a decade’s worth of experience in the garbage removal industry. We pride ourselves on our ability to consider each customer’s situation carefully and to plan out the best options for cheap junk pick-up. To get a quote or schedule your pick-up, contact us today.