Commercial Waste Removal

We Make Commercial Waste Removal a Quick, Easy Process for Businesses

Commercial waste removal is one task that no office manager looks forward to; the fit-out process alone is hard enough, but doing it in reverse? It can be an even bigger hassle than motivating employees around Christmastime. At Dump Your Junk, we’ve taken all the uncertainty out of the equation — one call to our team is all it takes to have your rubbish removed. 

Tips Regarding Commercial Furniture Disposal

Is there anything you should keep in mind when you need to dump furniture sooner rather than later?

  • Always look for a disposal option that offers options for reuse and recycling wherever possible. Rather than sending tonnes of material to the landfill, there are many occasions when “one company’s trash is another’s treasure.” At Dump Your Junk, eco-friendliness is a baked-in part of our service that comes with no extra charge. Whenever we can, we recycle items collected during our waste removal services and forward them along to those who can make better use of them. In other cases, where applicable, we make donations of gently-used items that you no longer require.
  • Give yourself plenty of time to take care of the work. While Dump Your Junk is happy to provide a flexible service to assist you on even an emergency or after-hours basis, the entire process is less stressful when you plan for sufficient time. Preparing to move out of an office, or in the midst of a remodel? Give our team a call in advance of your move, and we’ll arrive to do the heavy lifting and cleaning for you. 
  • In doubt about whether or not we will remove something from your premises? The chances are good that we’ll be happy to take it off your hands, even electronic items that other companies may not always accept for disposal. However, we always suggest reaching out for a quick chat to confirm whether we can safely dispose of all your items.

Problems Commercial Furniture Removal from DUMP YOUR JUNK Addresses

Our well-rounded service can help you to address a wide range of issues quickly, including:

  • The time crunch that surrounds a new office fit-out or a transition between spaces. You may have a strict deadline for vacating the premises and leaving them clean, for example. How can you do that when you need to pour all available resources into the move and maintaining business as usual? Dump Your Junk comes along and takes care of it all, so you never need to devote extra labour to this task.
  • Difficulty moving bulky waste. Think you need to remove items from your office first so that we can haul away your commercial furniture? Think again. Don’t struggle with moving heavy desks around corridors and down elevators — let our team handle those bulky objects instead.
  • Mixed waste situations. Don’t worry if you have construction waste, such as tiles and bricks, to discard alongside your furniture. We’re happy to collect it all at the same time.

Instead of trying to coordinate service from multiple removal companies, choose the one that can handle it all.


Backed up by more than ten years of industry experience, Dump Your Junk is a fresh player in this industry. We’re highly motivated to deliver valuable, cost-effective service to our clients — so much so that we even offer same-day pickup service. Need your old furniture gone now? Give us a call.